Hi! I’m Seba and I’m a videogame developer with expertise on AR and VR.

For more than 5 years I’ve been working with Unity 3D, developing a variety of games and applications, some of them using augmented reality. I’m currently experimenting with virtual reality, a whole new world that I’m enjoying a lot.
Outside of work, I love devoting time to family, music, animals and spiritual practices.


Video games:

Programming and designing of videogames using Unity 3D, from retro to more modern ones. I also work on educational games. I like participating in the design stage of games, understanding the product and thinking of the best way to put it into code.

Mobile Apps and games with AR:

Programming and designing apps and games with augmented reality using Vuforia, ARKit and ARCore. These products can be developed for Android, IOS or both.

Games and Experiences with VR:

Programming and designing games and experiences with virtual reality for Oculus Rift and Samsumg Gear.